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    Welcome to Coco Swap

    Coco Swap will be the next generation swapping platform for Web 3.0, iOS and Android. Utulizing the COCO token and Binance Smart Chain blockchain, it will provide much faster and easier swapping than the current traditional platforms!

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    Coco Swap Platform

    Coco swap is working to become a core part of Web 3.0M via its platform and upcoming app and platforms. Following our roadmap, we will finalize the alpha stage development and offer our community the chance to get on Beta Testing waitlist.


    Join our journey

    We invite you to join us in our journey throught the decentralized challenges that we will be facing. Together, we create a strong community that is depends on each other and functions as one through the Coco Swap platform.
    We are always looking for people to support us, work with us and create new partnerships.


Coco Swap Token

COCO Swap token will be the fuel behind the Coco Swap decentralized platform. It is a progressive deflatory token built on the latest DeFi protocol systems. The main goal of the token is to provide decentralised network transactions with a faster time and a cheaper exchange fee.The path forward for COCO is determined by market fluctuations, but the model it runs on begs COCO to succeed.

Contract: 0x9aa6fc71aed1130dee06a91a487bf5ea481de80d

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Holding COCO tokens brings rewards but liquidity option is crucial in many ways for the complete and on-going development of COCO Swap. Additionally, the more transactions on the network, the higher the demand for COCO Swap.

In the near future, we will be offering 'farming' options available on the COCO Swap platform for Web3.0 & mobile app (Android & iOS)

Coco Swap



Slippage tolerance 8%

% Goes to holders

0 % Token Burn

0 % Project incentives


View Our Roadmap

Coco Swap creation!

Pancakeswap trading start!
Website /Whitepaper/Roadmap release!
CoinMarketCap listing with price tracking!
TrustWallet logo and price verification!

Finalization of Coco Swap background work.

COCO Swap alpha development start. During this phase, the application will be development on a closed alpha.
Finalization of exchange listings.
COCO Swap beta registrations waitlist.

Exchange listing announcment for COCO token.
Beta invitations for Coco Swap testing will be sent.

Coco Swap platform release for Web 3.0, iOS/Android!
Development start of in-app cryptocurrency purchase with credit card.


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